Hunting for a designer to bring your vision to life?

Heya, I'm Lydia.

I’m here to transform your creative strategy into design that connects with your client and converts their audience.

Designer on tap.


With a combo of data and design savvy - we can create projects that work as good as they look. Think of me as the secret design ace in your back pocket that you never knew you needed.

Data + Connection + Communication
Human-focused Strategic Design

I prioritize taking great care of my clients. I use data to measure what’s working and what WILL work, but also to identify what’s NOT. Strategy starts with understanding. If we don’t use the information at our fingertips to understand a situation, how can we come up with a strategic and sustainable solution?


Data? Ugh, that sounds so boring I know. But data means answers and giving potential customers exactly what they want. Where are you losing conversions? Missing opportunities? Or validating what you’re doing right - and how to do it even better to delight your customers and increase profits.

I believe developing strategic Brand’s can be a grand adventure. Let’s go on one together.

The way I see it, every feature, button, graphic, and image needs to have purpose. Design should drive users towards your client’s brand goals and contribute to the overall brand experience. I believe in creating gorgeous functional design for humans, not for algorithms or bots (but I always keep it SEO-friendly).

Humans and design go hand in hand and design should add to the experience of a brand, not distract from it. I draw my design inspiration from my diverse background in theatre, costume design, production, public relations, social media, hospitality, and communications.

Basically, it comes down to a love of connection and communication through the language of design…and that’s a language I’m fluent in.

Strategy + Brand Identity + Website Design + Dev

Crafting an Experience

“Making knitting cool again is our mission. Everything we DIYed was decidedly uncool. We're thankful for Lydia's design eye, finding purls of inspiration throughout the process.”

- Marje

I’m here to strap your creative ideas to an ignited rocket booster of design.

Cheesy? Yeah. But I'm cheesier than a fromagerie.

👆That's a bold claim. So... where did I learn how to do this work? I’ve put in the time, training, and experience to explore strategic design.

I’m a design professor with ten years of experience owning and running a digital design agency, I know my stuff. And you do too.

Together, we're gonna make some magic.

When we work together, we'll be able to dig into understanding your client, audience, and then connect their goals through strategy.

Honestly, it's pretty thrilling. But before we do that, you've gotta get to know me - so here ya go.

Me + You = Magic

A bit about me:

  • Former VP of Marketing for a Silicon Tech company.
  • Visual Communication and Social Media PR Professor
  • Est. my first digital business in 2007.
  • Degrees in Performing Arts, Costume Design and Technology, Communication and Strategic PR.
  • After working on 164 (and counting) creative projects and campaigns, I’ve seen the good, the bad, the ugly, AND the strategic. Shocker - the strategic projects are the ones with the deepest impact.
  • I’ve used data to inform decisions on projects with budgets ranging from $1k to $101k. The process, by nature, is scalable.

Oh, and when I’m not joyfully pushing pixels and bringing creative briefs to life, I can be found wandering the hiking trails with my kids and dogs or rehabilitating possums.

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