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We believe in thoroughly researching the market, in collecting inspiration from the world around us, and in infusing our Brands with personality. When the rubber meets the road, will your Brand stand the test?



crafted by hand & heart


A Little about us


Hello & welcome! We’re a sister duo, raised in Berea, KY where we spent our childhood days creating masterful artworks (or so we thought at the time). Together we make up Turnquist House. I brought Wendy on when my business started to grow. She’s a master with words. I’m not. She also has a great eye for design.


We believe in design as functional beauty.

Thanks to our parents we’re a complimentary set. I’m the calm one; she’s the wild child. We firmly believe that you can’t have a standout brand without a little bit of both! Our community spurred our creative careers forward, with the help of the original Pinterest Mom – our mom Scharme. From her, we learned how to find creative solutions and to always be kind. Our dad inspires our entrepreneurial bug and reminds us that measuring once = cursing twice.


I’m Lydia- a graphic and digital designer that also has a passion for strategy & analytics. I went to school for design- costume design that is! My experiences in the costume design & technology world led me to develop other design skills while in the field.

I still sew for fun and create most of my own clothes in addition to being an avid reader, gardener, explorer, burgeoning chef (i.e. trying not to burn everything), wife, and mother to Wes, Liv, and doggers Nonni + Hintza.

By day I'm a professor at a private liberal arts college in Kentucky, by night there is a flurry of cyber activity as I design, build, and share beautiful sites, graphics, and content with the world after the kids are snugly tucked into bed.

I work in all mediums of design and strategy, carefully curating beautiful systems that work flawlessly and look fabulous. I’m constantly searching for the “why” in life and believe that wisdom begins in wonder. When someone sees your design, they’ll be completely immersed in the multifaceted and meaningful beauty within.

I’m Wendy – Lydia’s younger sister. While she focuses on design, I’m here to help you reel in your clients with copy that speaks to their heart. I believe that when you are selling your product, you are also selling yourself – it’s important your voice shines through.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psyhophysiology from Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, KY, where I worked for three years as a Writing Consultant and Writing Fellow. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Science from Eastern Kentucky University, where I am currently studying to become an Occupational Therapist. But enough with the credentials – I’ve always loved writing, and I’m here to help you love writing too!

When I’m not desk at my studying or copywriting, I enjoy working and volunteering as a camp counselor at The Center for Courageous Kids, drawing, hiking, and spending as much time with my family as possible.