Branding: Inspiration

We’ve all been there. Nineteen tabs opened on your computer, files downloaded onto your desktop, numerous bookmarks of pages that have a design style that resonates with us and our businesses. We all curate content, but sometimes, we don’t know how to curate that content into an inspiration board to share with a designer when we start to build our brands.

We’re going to fix that.

Inspiration boards help to plan, organize, strategize, and communicate a look and vibe that may be difficult to articulate. You may view modern as the hottest new trend, where as a designer might see modern as the modernist style of the early- and mid-20th-century. Thankfully, an image is worth a thousand words.

Your brand is a reflection of who you are, embrace your personal style.




  • Your brand is a reflection of who you are, embrace your personal style.
  • Pin images that catch your eye and resonate with you.
  • Ruminate – set a few days aside to let the images chill on your board. Feel free to add more, just don’t go in and LOOK at your board.


  • Look over your pins, does something look out of place? Delete it.
  • Think about how the images you’ve selected make you feel. Do they communicate how you want your brand to “feel” to your audience?


  • After you’ve weeded out the oddballs and filled in the holes with new images, you’re ready to hand it off to a designer to build your brand and website!!!

If you’re like me, you have hundreds of pins on dozens of boards. Sifting through all of that information & work may seem a bit daunting, but it is ALL going to come together in the end to create a beautiful Brand & Brand Identity that truly represents your business.


What do you want people to KNOW when they see your brand?

How do you want people to FEEL when they interact with you? How about when they leave you?

What visuals would you like to inspire your design & brand? Think about colors, textures, typography, images or general feel.

What words or quotes resonate with & guide your soul? These words will help us find your inspiration sources.

Need some help or guidance? Take Cerries’ Alchemy Test to get clear on your style.


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