Branding: Logo

By now you’ve probably come across or developed some ideas for logos -start using the inspiration you’ve been curating to create your own logo (or you can hire a designer). If your brand elements are the clothes that your Brand wears, then the logo is the face.

There are three different types of logos:

Wordmark: A wordmark logo is expertly crafted using typography to combine a Brand’s identity and name into a design.

Iconic or Graphic: An iconic or graphic logo is a visual that consumers can immediately connect to your Brand. Think of Apple Inc.’s easily recognizable logo. Icons are wonderful, but you have to build up audience recognition before you can use them successfully as a stand alone logo.

Combination: A combination logo takes both the wordmark and icon to create a logo with a little room for misinterpretation. This type of logo works best for small businesses and startups, as it allows the audience to grow accustomed to your Brand AND product.


Featured Project: Branding for The Pattern Collective

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