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OPT-IN: Make It

Opt-in design

Once you’ve determined WHAT you’re going to share, you have to put it into a format that your audience can easily access. Take your notes and pair them down into one clear and concise offer showing how to take action NOW! Your opt-in can be as simple as a GoogleDoc with basic formatting, or you…

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OPT-IN: Brainstorm

Don't grow your list

Start brainstorming your opt-in. What are you great at? For your first opt-in, try to add value based off things in which you excel. What is an irresistible offer? Wait… why do I need an opt-in!?!?!?! An opt-in is a free gift that you give to people in exchange for their email addresses. You’ve probably…

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Branding: Logo

By now you’ve probably come across or developed some ideas for logos -start using the inspiration you’ve been curating to create your own logo (or you can hire a designer). If your brand elements are the clothes that your Brand wears, then the logo is the face. There are three different types of logos: Wordmark:…

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Branding: Elements

Change is part of the creative process

After you’ve collected inspiration, it is time to begin selected your favorite fonts (typefaces), colors, patterns, and photos that represent your idea + will connect with your audience. This stage is a bit fluid, depending on how the creative process takes you. Sometimes I like to begin a project by selecting the elements BEFORE creating…

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Branding: Inspiration

Inspiration Curation

We’ve all been there. Nineteen tabs opened on your computer, files downloaded onto your desktop, numerous bookmarks of pages that have a design style that resonates with us and our businesses. We all curate content, but sometimes, we don’t know how to curate that content into an inspiration board to share with a designer when…

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Your Audience

Ideal Client

Knowing your audience is *almost* as important as knowing what you’re going to sell. In fact, a solid understanding of your target audience can help you determine what to create in the future. Does your audience want to learn how to make beautiful wreaths, but they’re also super busy moms? You’re a wreath maker and…

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Your Big Idea

When I first started out in the online arena, I sold handmade clothes on Etsy. I was sixteen and made some pretty good scratch designing and sewing dresses for brides. Growing up, our mom was always creating. She would make our prom and dance dresses, historical costumes for our dance team and matching outfits for…

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Do One Thing

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery We all know that planning is important, but did you know that sharing your goals with a friend is proven to increase the chances of you achieving your goal? What is your number one goal for your business this year? Do you…

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We’re so excited to announce that our new business, Turnquist House has been born. Turnquist House is a design studio with a passion for brand identities and website design for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. We take a holistic approach to branding, focusing on strategy and data driven design. By digging into the who &…

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