Twin Tracks Expeditions

– The mission

Twin Tracks is a boutique polar cruise agency for discerning travelers who are looking for the adventure of expeditioning without the big cruise ship feel.

Providing unparalleled customer service and expertise through their combined decade and a half of experience working in the polar regions, these intrepid explorers are ready to guide you to your next adventure.

Twin Tracks plans adventures for travelers that want to spend their time exploring the polar regions instead of searching for the best voyage to take.

These adventuresome explorers are ready to take on the world. They want to work with a team that knows the ships, the operating companies, the itineraries, and the regions inside and out.

It doesn't get much more "insider" than that.

– The Services

Website Strategy + Design

– The Collaborators

Website Design
Lydia Kitts of Turnquist House

Creative Direction and Website Development
Sally Tudhope of Sally Tudhope Creative

Creative Direction and Copy (also the client!)
Heather Thorkelson of Twin Tracks Expeditions

Visual Identity
Morgan of A Little Creative

– The Palette

Color Palette- navy, indigo grey, nautical red, grey, and ochre.

This bold palette created by Morgan of A Little Creative pulls from the colors often seen in polar expeditions. I love this palette because it ensures consistent branding in photography by using colors used to paint vessels and high visibility clothing.

– The Situation

We needed to create a website that gets adventurers excited to invest in a once in a lifetime adventure. Clients are from all age ranges, which means we needed to create a design that was easy for people to interact with.

A major need was the ability to feature different ships, itineraries, and expeditions in an organized way. Quick and easy for decision makers, but also easy for the team to update.

Trust in the expedition industry is a major concern. Not only are clients investing thousands, they're literally putting their lives in someone else's hands. The design needed to build trust while also standing out from the industry.

– The Design Solution

We focused our time on one primary goal. Building trust.

By using design concepts like hierarchy, consistency, and LOTS of repetition (but not in a boring way!) we set the stage for a trusting relationship.

You'll see design elements repeated throughout the site, making it quick and easy for the user to compare expeditions, ships, and itineraries.

We also added in testimonials to build that trust factor up. Explorers LOVE to share their stories (so much that Heather started a podcast doing just that). Their stories help to sell expeditions by building trust and injecting a little bit of travel envy!

– The Inspiration

Thorkelson in a yellow ocean kayak in the arctic - Twin Tracks Expeditions Website Strategy and Design by Lydia Kitts of Turnquist House
Inspiration 2 - Twin Tracks Expeditions Website Strategy and Design by Lydia Kitts of Turnquist House
Inspiration 3 - Twin Tracks Expeditions Website Strategy and Design by Lydia Kitts of Turnquist House
Inspiration 4 - Twin Tracks Expeditions Website Strategy and Design by Lydia Kitts of Turnquist House
Example of a testimonial or adventure design feature.

– The Typography

The typography chosen by Morgan at A Little Bit Creative is so warm and welcoming, while also hinting at the luxury behind a white-glove {the planning side!} polar expedition.

I love these fonts because they translate so well between print and digital. A truly diverse set - applicable to websites, iteneraries, and gear!

Typography Selection - Twin Tracks Expeditions Website Typography - Strategy and Design by Lydia Kitts of Turnquist House

– The Typefaces

Serif: Tex Gyre Bonum - find it here -> Font Squirrel.

Sans-Serif: Poppins - find it here -> Adobe, Google Fonts.

Screenshot showing the Footer design for Twin Tracks Expeditions

– Styling

Example of options a user could explore on the Twin Tracks Website Design

– Field Notes

Some projects are truly marvels of collaboration and organization. When you've got this many creatives working on the same project, you have to keep the lines of communication open and stay inspired.

This project was PHENOMENAL. A creative director, brand designer, website designer, developer, copywriter, AND a business savvy client.

Solving problems through design while building a successful customer experience is an adventure I'll always be up for.


- lydia kitts