It’s time to launch your business with intentional, authentic visuals. We’ll work together to build your Brand. Websites, branding, opt-ins, & all the little pieces that make you, you! First, we’ll strategize, then create!

Design is functional beauty.

To get started, explore our process and get to know a little more about how we’ll work together to let the world find you through succulent & elegant design.


Together we’ll gather inspiration for your design. After careful research & our strategy session, we’ll make a mood board to portray our ideas. Then we’ll begin designing through physical mediums; painting, doodles, & calligraphy will lead the way to a unique design.


Turning sketches into designs is kind of like baking ma. Art & science coming together to make one delicious, elegant creation. We’ll find this balance through a process where art meets strategy to grow a beautiful Brand that will let the world find you!


Once we’re happy with the final design direction the REAL fun begins. You’ll get to see all of our hard work take form as business cards, stationery, packaging, graphics, a website design, or whatever your heart desires.
Designing a Brand isn’t just about making pretty logos or brand boards. It’s about putting pen to paper to get to the heart of who you are & where your business will take you. Once you’re ready to begin this process, you’ll discover things about your brand & yourself that may surprise you.
And surprises can be great!
Together we’ll uncover the why behind your who. The what behind your how. By digging deep, we’ll unearth something beautiful. Creating a Brand with a solid foundation that is built to last.


We thought so. It all begins with the questionnaire. This is a virtual getting to know you session where you let me know what you’re looking for. Once you’ve completed this, we’ll set up a Skype date to discuss where your brand is going & how we’ll get it there. Think of this as part consultation & part coaching call.
If we agree that we’re a good fit, we’ll look at our calendar & select a start date. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be available during the process for feedback & revisions. Once a start date is selected you’ll receive some homework to complete two weeks before our start date.
We’ll Skype again to go over inspiration, strategy, & design one week before our start date to be sure that we’re on the same page. Once our start date arrives you get to sit back & relax while we design.
Just kidding.
We’ll be in frequent communication to share progress & to collect feedback. This is an intensive project that requires us to be partners throughout the process. You don’t have to take off work. Just check your email & respond on the same day. Easy peasy.
At the end of the five weeks, your designs are packaged up & sent your way. You have full rights to them and will have a guide with tutorials for how to implement them into your marketing strategy.
Sound like fun?