Better known as an… Instagrid!

And Instagrid lets you quickly and easily breathe some life into your brand new Instagram account. When we started, we didn’t have any posts ready to go or many images to use and share. We needed to get on social and get on it FAST.

Let me welcome the Instagrid to the stage. As you know, Instagram is set up with three columns on desktop and mobile, with one square image in each column. Using an app like GiantSquare or Instagid, or using Illustrator like I did, you can take one big image and split it into six squares to upload in quick succession onto Instagram. This is great if you want to use an image to make a BIG impact during a launch, or just to get yourself out there.


Just look at all those followers. Look at all FOUR of them (two I didn’t know before today!). But that is one of the beautiful things about the internet, we’re business buddies now and I actually bought one of their courses on Skillshare.

Don’t be afraid that you don’t know anyone. And don’t shoot your business in the gut by buying followers or inviting all of your friends and family to like your page (unless they’ll buy from you in the future). Hopefully, you’ll begin running ads soon and every one of those fans is going to cost you money. You can’t convert your great aunt into a customer when you sell skydiving apparel and she’s 82. (If you can, can I adopt her!?)

Good luck, and I can’t wait to see your Instagrid. Be sure to tag us @turnquisthouse or use the #20DayLaunch!

I’ve had several folks ask for a tutorial or resources that I used, and I’m happy to share! Submit your details below to get instant access to the design files and video tutorial.

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