Big Desk@2x

Designing a website isn’t just about making pretty visuals & sharing your thoughts on a blog.

It’s about putting pen to paper to get to the heart of who you are & where your business will take you. It's our job to take that information and apply it took a site design that moves your audience to action. We'll take your Brand and apply it online in a way that converts - making you money and growing your audience. 

Are you ready?

We are! 

Together we’ll uncover the why behind your who. The what behind your how. By digging deep, we’ll unearth something beautiful. We'll help you discover the goals that drive your business, and how to apply those goals to your digital space. Goals are important - they can't be skipped over. 

We're goal oriented - Lydia is a professor and spends her spare time researching human-centered and data-driven design to ensure that the sites we build are optimized for industry-specific conversion actions. <-- Did that sound like a mouthful of mumbo-jumbo? 

Basically, these sites work FOR you - not against you. 

Choose your own adventure@2x

Before we can work together, you've got a choice to make. This is a done for you service. We'll send you some homework and let you give us some feedback. But once we start - you get to take a step back and relax (or work in your business instead of on it).

You need to choose what will work best for your business. Do you need a 5-page starter site that is customized to you and your business? Or do you need a fully custom one page site with your signature style infused from the beginning?

  • 6 Customized pages: Home, About, Contact, Services/Work With Me, Blog, Thank You
  • 90 Minute strategy call
  • PDF with strategy guide
  • Business objective & site goal alignment
  • Done in a weekend!
  • Strategically & custom designed
    single-page website plus a bonus
    thank you page!
  • 90 Minute strategy call
  • PDF with strategy guide
  • Business objective & site goal alignment
  • Done in a weekend!
More Details@2x

We love details too! We're professional planners (literally, one of Lydia's degrees is in PR and Strategic Planning).

Together we’ll gather inspiration for your design. After careful research and review of questionnaires, we’ll make a creative brief & moodboard to portray our ideas for your design. If that is on track and you sign off on it, then we’ll begin customizing the template we think will work best for your business goals.

We know these templates like the backs of our hands (literally, we push pixels all day so are VERY familiar with how our hands look thanks to typing on a keyboard!). We'll pick the one that suits your Brand's needs and allows us to help YOU convert visitors into consumers.

Once we're done customizing the template as a mockup, we'll send it over to you to proof and add tweak any of the copy you want to be changed one last time before we plug it into your site and begin customizing online. We'll hook up all your digital ecosystem while we're at it. List building set up? Check. Lead collector? Check. Scheduling software? Double check. You get the picture.

Our final stage will be testing the site to ensure it works like a charm. We'll provide you with a comprehensive training of how to use your site as a tool for success in your business. Then we launch!!!

P.S. If you're doing a single-page site, this will all be fully custom.


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