Your Audience

Knowing your audience is *almost* as important as knowing what you’re going to sell. In fact, a solid understanding of your target audience can help you determine what to create in the future. Does your audience want to learn how to make beautiful wreaths, but they’re also super busy moms? You’re a wreath maker and these moms are wanting to DIY instead of buying a handcrafted wreath. So what can you do to make sales and grow your business? A written tutorial or entire course might not be your best bet if they have to read it, scavenge up the materials, and THEN find the time to make a wreath. Maybe they want to do it with friends as a girls night in.  Who are they?

Create a wreath making kit like Michele Westlake Sigler of That Wreath Lady! By knowing who her audience is, what they enjoy, and how to engage them with her content, Michele was able to come up with an idea that drives sales, grows her audience, AND allows her to teach others.When she launched this idea in the Brilliant Business Moms Facebook group, we were all so excited! Michele was able to validate and get valuable feedback on her idea from her target audience: busy, but crafty, moms.

If you’re wondering what a target audience is… lets back it up a little bit:

Target Audience/Market: The ideal group of people (with specific traits) that you serve.

Ideal Client: This is your perfect client or consumer. They respect you, your craft, and understand why you are the perfect business to work with for their idea.

Publics: These are the people who are effected by your content, good or bad. Publics encompasses all of your audience: influencers, potential clients, clients, past clients, competitors, nay-sayers, and well-wishers. A good rule from my Public Relations experience:

You can’t just focus on your ideal client. You have to look at EVERYONE involved in your story.

Why is it so important to be tuned in to your publics? If you aren’t tuned in, you set yourself up to miss something important.

  • You’ll be talking to too many people, trying too hard to connect with people, confusing them AND yourself.
  • You’ll miss out on building your identity as an expert from the get-go.
  • You’ll have to work harder to stand out from your competition.
  • You’ll end up taking on clients that aren’t your ideal client, which means you can’t support them the way they need to be supported. And you won’t be happy either.
  • You’ll be blogging to an audience who doesn’t have the potential to convert into a sale or build community.

So how can you get clear on your target audience? Take your idea and start brainstorming who could enjoy, learn, benefit, or grow from your concept.

The more you brainstorm, the more connections you’ll see. From these connections, you can glean valuable information about your target audience. Start scouring various facebook groups you’re a part of to see where your ideal client hangs out as an active part of the community.

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