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Your site right now?

It's in good shape.

You’re making money. Helping clients. Building a community.

If you were at your yearly checkup, your doctor would say you’re in great shape.

But what if “doing great” isn't good enough?
But what if “doing great”
isn’t good enough?

What if you’re ready for that next step?

Sky diving. Hiking Mt. Everest. Launching a new offer. Rebranding.

You get the drift.

It's time to redesign.

Your site is supposed to be a sales machine.

A tool to help you connect with your audience and get more leads. A resource to guide folx through your content, helping them get to know you and figure out their best next step. 

It’s supposed to be making you money.

Let’s put it another way:

How many clients are you losing out on because you've outgrown your website?

Clients make split second decisions. Especially when we’re about to hand over thousands of dollars for coaching or creative support.

I’ve had a lot of conversations, watched hours of screen recordings, analyzed hundreds of heatmaps, and sifted through the data (hello, ex-professor) - here are some observations that FASCINATE me from folx in our industry.

  • 32% said design influences their buying decision.

    If the design is outdated or doesn't match the rest of the messaging, they felt "confused" and "concerned" that the offer wasn't high-quality. Good design helps build trust.

  • 68% will leave if the navigation is bad.

    Navigation includes the menu and the customer journey. Make it easy for people to find what they want and then pay you!

  • Nearly half shared that bad design made them question the validity of an offer.

    Basically, good offer + bad design {and shoddy copy} meant they were less likely to convert.

  • Too many CTAs turned into fewer conversions.

    When presented with more than three calls-to-action, users were less likely to click a conversion event. Reduction in CTAs enhanced clarity and user experience.

Design should sell your story.

Basically… we like things to be honest, clear, easy to use, and look good. We WANT to trust that we’re getting the results we’re looking for.

And the look of your offer? It might be creating some trust issues.

Designer on tap.


It’s okay if you don’t think it’s working. That’s what I’m here for. 

With a combo of data and design savvy - we can create projects that work as good as they look.

I’ll help you figure out what works, what doesn’t, and how to fix it through design tweaks or a complete redesign. 

Screenshot of the website "Knit Wit"

Next Steps.

Choose your own adventure.

Review + Refine

Together, we'll map out what your customer experience should be. Then we'll compare that to your current site.

We'll review heatmaps, screen recordings, and other data points to find where design friction is slowing your sales process.

Then we'll refine your current website. Making little tweaks with a big impact.


Ready to completely revamp your site or brand? {Or both!}

First, we figure out what works and what doesn't. Then we'll start crafting your brand experience from the ground up.

Matching visuals to business + marketing goals - we'll get you to that next peak!

Looking for something else?

There are other ways we can work together! If it involves design, count me in.

Brand Strategy + Design, Course Materials (and courses!), Presentation Slide Decks, Lead Magnet Design... you get the picture!

Learn more about design support services (either as a day-rate or retainer) here.

I also really love friends. You can reach out and I can be your token super-weird design loving, nerdy friend. 🤓